Why new typefaces?
Imagine a world where no more new typefaces are designed. There would no longer be a way to express ideas through type design, to reflect society, to make technology visible and to correspond with forms that are hundreds of years old — how sad would it be! Type design is not only the basis of graphic design but also part of a cultural process. With type design we want to give expression to new concepts. We do not see it as our challenge to design the optimal alphabet, we want to create new typographic tones.

The logic of a typographic system, that has been shaped on basic principles of historical reproduction processes, is not just an ingredient. It is the context of our work as designers. At the same time, we do not see past type designs as mandatory templates: Typerotation develops and publishes independent positions of contemporary fonts.

In addition to the possibilities offered by digital tools and platforms for type design today, we increasingly have the desire to make type a perceptible and haptic experience: how often are we enraptured by letter shapes and want to appropriate and touch them — not only look at them. For this reason, Typerotation is a 360-degree view on the subject of type. We design original typefaces for the widest possible range of applications. At the same time, we combine this aspect with physical products: merchandise items such as T-shirts, posters, type specimens and hopefully many other projects that are closely related to digital products which finalise our fonts. In this context, the typefaces published on Typerotation can exclusively be purchased here.

As part of a dynamic community we also develop event formats — like Typotable in Leipzig — and we are constantly seeking close cooperation with other designers, developers, foundries, agencies and institutions in the field of design, culture and technology.

Typerotation Font Foundry was founded by Peter Mohr and Monique Mohr in 2020 and is located in Leipzig, Germany. Peter and Monique both studied type design in the class of Fred Smeijers at the Acedemy of Visual Arts Leipzig. Peter first published his internationally recognised designs with the former Belgian label Ourtype. Attracted by the possibilities and freedom of their own foundry, Peter and Monique built their own label Typerotation.