Type Service

In order to generate or develop a brand, our retail font licences sometimes do not offer sufficient or the most economical solution.
Therefore Typerotation offers a comprehensive type service to create individual, customised font solutions of any classification and genre for use on any platform and medium.

Our type service includes the following services:

- Creation of word marks and logotypes
- Adaptation of our retail fonts
(e.g. of single characters, typefaces or entire font families)
- Extension of OT features
- Extension of language extension
(e.g. Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, ...) for multilingual use
- Creation of individually drawn Custom Families with exclusive usage rights
- typographic advice
- Lectures
- Workshops
- Consultations

Already realised Custom Type projects can be found here. For individual services there are also individual costs. To discuss your project, please send us an e-mail to hi@typertoation.com. We look forward to discussing an individual solution for your individual needs.